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General Directives Section 1:

General Directives include directives on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee, sidewalks and public improvements, special events, legal notices, Open Meetings Act, citizen grievances against employees, and business expense reimbursements.



Establishes the purpose of the City's Administrative Directives.

Establishes a Traffic Safety Committee to ensure effective coordination of the review of and official activity in response to traffic and transportation issues within the community.

The City is responsible for the reasonably safe condition of its sidewalks, bike paths parkways and other public walkways. In order to reduce or prevent injuries to pedestrians and the resulting claims and losses, this inspection and repair procedure is established.

This directive establishes a formalized policy for considering requests that The City of Lake Forest (City) take jurisdiction and liability for existing private improvements.

Establishes a Middlefork Farm Activity Coordinator role to promote communication and coordination among all parties conducting or impacted by events in the vicinity of the Middlefork Farm Subdivision

To set forth policies governing compliance with the statutory requirements of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (P.A. 83-1013), hereinafter referred to as the "Act." 

How to file for business expense reimbursement, including per diem rates, etc.

Expense Report Form 2020 Excel document with formulas
Travel Expense Report Form 2020 Excel document with formulas

Recommend saving the Excel documents to your computer prior to working with them.

Policy regarding temporarily and permanently assigned vehicles.

Establishes all special event classifications, and their corresponding processes for special event organizers to follow for obtaining special event permits.

Establishes procedures and guidelines for civic organizations to follow when requesting donations from the City.

Att. A - Application Form   (Word doc)
Att. B - Budget Template   (Excel doc)
Att. C - Post Funding Report   (Word doc)

Establishes procedures and guidelines to be followed in requests for and review of legal notice requirements, prior to printing and distribution by the newspaper.

Sets forth policies governing compliance with the statutory requirements of Chapter 5, Section 120/1 et. seq. of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, commonly, and thereafter, referred to as "The Open Meetings Act."

Establishes a grievance procedures for citizens to file complaints against City employees.