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January Birthdays!

Brian Pogachnik

Public Works - Sanitation

January 2

Eric Hill

Public Works - Water Plant

January 6

Cory Kazimour

Fire Department

January 7

Clifford, Billy.jpg

Billy Clifford

Fire Department

January 11

Brian Acello

Public Works - Sanitation

January 14

Patricia Schwall.jpg

Tricia Schwall

Senior Resources

January 20

20210820-3192 v1_edited.jpg

Paul Daizovi

Police Department

January 22

Robert Brown.jpg

Rob Brown

Community Development

January 23

Beyda, Joy.jpg

Joy Beyda

Police Department

January 26

Joyce Bettinger

Office of City Manager

January 28


Bryan Debaets

Parks and Rec - Forestry

January 31

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