Employee Assistance Program

Family Service:  847.432.4981 x200

Front office intake available:

9:00am to 5:00pm, weekdays

Telehealth & in-person Appointments available until 8:00pm. 

Family Service is the City's Employee Assistance Program Provider. They provide counseling services of all types to fulltime City employees and their families. The City pays 100% of the $100 hourly charge for the first 12 sessions.  The City pays 75% for the next 12 sessions, and 50% after 24 sessions.  The employee is responsible for the portion not covered by the City on a sliding-scale fee, based on the individual's ability to pay. There are several counseling locations, but initial appointments must be made through the main office in Highland Park. 


Visit their website  (www.famservice.org) to learn more about the organization. To make an appointment, to obtain more information or to refer someone, please call.

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