Medical/Dental/Vision insurance:

  • Beneficiary changes:

    • - Login and change under profile.

    • Or fill out IMRF change form and return to HR

    • Police and Fire pensions - provide your pension representative with a copy of the birth certificate.

    • - Login and change under my profile.

    • Or fill out ICMA-RC change form and return to HR

    • Life insurance - make the adjustments to the appropriate forms and bring to HR

  • PBA- Fill out PBA change form and return to HR (Do not go to PBA website to do this. It must go through HR.)
    • *Important* This must be done within 30 days of the birth or adoption.

Taxes: If you would like to claim the dependent to adjust taxes withheld you need to fill out new W4s

You may need to make changes to some of the following to add dependent to insurance or as a beneficiary for other benefits:

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