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Personnel Policies (Section 2)

You can find all the City of Lake Forest's employee Personnel Policies here.




Personnel Policies 2022

Click here to download and print a complete copy of the Personnel Policies.  Various sections may also be navigated by the Personnel Policies tab.

Personnel Policy Acknowledgment Form

Casual Professional Guidelines

Personnel Policies governing temporary and seasonal employees.

Temporary Pay Plan Page 6

This Manual includes step-by-step instructions on various managerial issues such as hiring, discipline, evaluations and pay increases, various City leave policies, etc.

HR 101 for Management Staff 2016 Powerpoint presented to Management Staff, March 2016

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Rules and Regulations covering sworn Fire and Police personnel, effective 12/08/2022

Highlights the importance of providing recognition to employees and to establish guidelines for giving the recognition.

Details of testing policies, facilities and prohibited activities for employees holding Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) as part of their job responsibilities.

Acknowledgement Form CDL Alcohol Policy

Reasonable Cause Form - Checklist of observations used when sending an employee for an alcohol or drug test
Refusal of alcohol drug test - form used if an employee refuses to go for an alcohol or drug test
Supervisory Drug Testing Guidelines - CDL 

Details of testing policies, facilities and prohibited activities for all employees except CDL holders.

Acknowledgement Form Alcohol Drug Policy
Reasonable Cause Form - Checklist of observations used when sending an employee for an alcohol or drug test
Refusal of alcohol drug test - form used if an employee refuses to go for an alcohol or drug test

Establishes standards for the acceptable use of the electronic communications system of the City.

Establishes policies and guidelines for employees to use personal mobile devices to perform their job duties.

Remote Access Request Form (fillable)

Use of City's Personnel Action (PA) forms.

PA Form - This is a Word document. Recommend saving on your computer for later use.

Outlines our policy when an employee can only perform limited duties because of disability. This would apply to both injuries on-the-job as well as nonwork-related injuries and illnesses. An employee who fails to follow these policies will not be eligible for sick leave or injury leave benefits. If limited duty is available that meets the employee's capabilities, the employee is required to take the limited duty assignment.

Policies for hiring children under age 18, including approved types of work.

Establishes a program designed to quickly familiarize new employees with the conditions of their employment with the City, including the City's responsibilities as an employer and the employee's responsibilities to the City.

Orientation Checklist

Defines the City's Education/ Training Reimbursement Program and sets forth rules and procedures governing the program.

Reimbursement Form for Dir. 2-9
Tuition Reimbursement Cost Analysis Form
Cost Analysis form must be completed with initial justification to participate in the program. Excel spreadsheet, may load slowly.

Instructions for Completing Tuition Cost Analysis Form

Establishes guidelines for certain medical examinations for current and potential employees which promote employee health and safety and comply with OSHA guidelines.

This policy is established to create an environment for the expression of ideas, concerns and opinions of all employees by establishing a communication system to supplement the organization's formal chain-of-command.

The City wants to protect its employees from abuse and to prevent conduct from becoming so severe or pervasive as to alter the conditions of an employee's employment, create an abusive working environment, or result in a tangible adverse employment action.

Establishes the administrative policies and guidelines for setting and awarding additional duty pay.

Guidelines on complying with IRS rules for taxing various fringe benefits.

Establishes policies for personal, city and "Carry-One-Phone" cell phone usage.

Cell Phone Usage Acknowledgment Form - complete for use of City-issued cell phone.

Establishes policies for online publishing and use of social media for all City websites and social media pages

Establishes policies and guidelines for the informal and formal development of all City employees.

Performance Improvement Plan Format - Recommend that you save on your own computer for later use.

Establishes procedures for the determination and administration of disciplinary action.

Establishes rules and procedures for the provision of benefits for retirees.

Establishes the policies for types of background checks to be conducted for various City positions.

Policies to reward employees beyond the limits of the Official Pay Plan for clearly demonstrating outstanding performance on the job.

Complies with federal requirements prohibiting the possession of firearms by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes. Applies only to Police personnel who carry a duty-issue firearm.

Application Form

To recognize that some employees don't need the health insurance benefits offered by the City because they are already covered under a spouse's insurance and to establish guidelines for opting out.

Insurance Waiver Form

Policy on telecommuting during emergency situations such as a pandemic or weather disaster.

Temporary Telecummute Requst Form - Complete to request telecommuting privileges

Policy on telecommuting in cases where individual, job and supervisor characteristics are best suited to such an arrangement.

Telecummute Requst Form - Complete to request telecommuting privileges

Sets forth policies governing compliance with the City's smoking ban.

Outlines the City's program for employees who are laid off by the City

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