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Unemployment Fraud List

Forms, web links, guides and FAQs for navigating unemployment fraud.

1. Return Notarized Letter to HR

HR submits your letter and payroll information to the Illinois Department of Unemployment Security (IDES) to notify them the claim is fraudulent.

IDES marks your claim as fraud, but you may receive letters in the mail. See below for information on mail from IDES.

2. File a Police Report Immediately

File a report at your local police department or with the Lake Forest Police Department. Some police departments are overwhelmed by the volume and have stopped taking reports for unemployment fraud.

3. Report Identity Theft and Unemployment Fraud

1. Credit Reporting Agencies:

Place a free, one-year fraud alert by contacting one of the three credit bureaus. The credit bureau you choose to contact will inform the others.​ You’ll get a letter from each credit bureau. It will confirm that they placed a fraud alert on your file.

A fraud alert is free. It will make it harder for someone to open new accounts in your name. When you have an alert on your report, a business must verify your identity before it issues new credit in your name. You can renew the fraud alert after one year.


Experian Fraud Alert

Transunion Fraud Alert

Equifax Fraud Alert

2. Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES):

Click report fraud here.

3. Federal Trade Commission:

Report identity theft and get a recovery plan.

4. Review Your Bank Accounts

Any funds deposited into your account from unemployment will be required to pay back.

Regularly check your bank balances and credit card balances for fraudulent activity.

5. Credit Monitoring Services

US Department of Justice Unemployment Fraud Taskforce has identified past data breaches behind this type of fraud. More information on these data breaches and identity theft can be found at:

Consider credit monitoring services such as:

Legal Shield/ID Shied


6. Place a Freeze on Your Credit

Consider placing a freeze on your credit to prohibit any new credit applications from being opened in your name. Visit the FTC Credit Freeze Guide for instructions.

7. Keep Copies

Keep all information until tax time in the event there is an issue with filing your State or Federal taxes. IDES is working diligently to identify fraudulent claims and is working closely with the IRS.

Letters from IDES should be kept in case you need to submit proof of fraud to the IRS, for any future unemployment claim issues with the IDES, or any collections issues. Keep an eye out for a 1099G for unemployment. It is unknown if you will receive one. 

  • IDES Determination letter - Shows IDES has marked your UE claim as fraud

  • IDES Over payment/repayment letter

  • IDES UI Finding letter

  • Address Change Verification Notice - contact 800-244-5631 to verify current address

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