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7.1.0 Procedure in Handling Disciplinary Action

The City Manager, as the chief administrative officer of the city, is responsible to the Mayor and City Council for the administration of all affairs, departments and offices of the City. As directed by the City Manager, department and division heads are responsible for the maintenance of a high standard of efficiency on the part of assigned employees and for enforcement of good discipline, safety and proper personal conduct. They are authorized to use appropriate disciplinary measures as approved by the City Manager. Such action may consist of a warning or the recommendation for demotions, suspensions without pay or dismissal, even for a first offense, as defined below:


Warning — written reprimand.

Demotion — Reduction in salary or assignment to a position of less responsibility or both.

Suspension Without Pay — Temporary separation from the City service without pay for disciplinary purposes where the cause is not considered sufficiently grave to require dismissal.

Dismissal — Permanent separation from the City service for such causes including, but not limited to, serious misconduct (on or off duty); insubordination; unsatisfactory job performance; dishonesty; violation of the City’s alcohol and drug-free workplace policies; carelessness, negligence or violence toward City property, fellow employees or the public; endangering other employees and/or the public through careless, negligent or substandard job performance; unauthorized or excessive absences; habitual tardiness; or personal acceptance and appropriation of any fee, reward, gift, tip or other remuneration received solely for the performance of official duties or in connection with his/her municipal employment.

The City generally endorses the practice of corrective counseling. However, the level of discipline to be applied in a specific circumstance will be determined solely by the City and discipline shall not be issued in any particular order or manner. The City may consider the seriousness of the offense, the repetitive nature of the action, and the employee’s prior work and disciplinary record when handing out discipline.

The disciplinary procedures set forth in this policy do not apply to police and fire personnel who are subject to the disciplinary rules set forth in the Illinois Municipal Code and in applicable collective bargaining agreements. (See Admin. Dir. 2-19, Disciplinary Procedures)

7.2.0 Appeals from Disciplinary Action

Upon notification by the department head, an employee receiving disciplinary action of a suspension or dismissal has the right to a hearing before the City Manager. The employee must file a written request within 48 hours of notification of the disciplinary action which states the basis of the appeal and the remedy that is being requested. The decisions of the City Manager made in accordance with approved policy shall be final. This does not apply to employees covered by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners (See Admin. Dir. 2-19, Disciplinary Procedures)


7.3.0 Insurance Ramifications

Any employee suspended for more than 30 days may maintain their City-provided insurance at their own expense. An employee who is dismissed may or may not be eligible for continuation of medical and dental coverage at their expense. Federal COBRA guidelines will apply.

7.4.0 Employee Feedback

To create an organization-wide environment for the expression of ideas, concerns and opinions of all employees, a communication system has been established to supplement the organization’s formal chain-of-command. This feedback process has been undertaken to involve employees in the decision-making process, to create teamwork, to develop effective communications and cooperation throughout the organization and to build employee commitment to organizational goals. (See Admin. Dir. 2-11, Organizational Feedback/Information Sharing

7.5.0 Ethics Hotline

The City has created an Ethics Hotline to provide an anonymous reporting system to bring
concerns to the attention of City administration. The Hotline can be accessed in one of two ways:

Telephone (866-529-2445) or
The Internet ( and click on the Ethics Hotline logo)

Accountability in government, financial responsibility and delivery of quality services are key components to preserving the public’s trust. All employees share the responsibility to ensure that the City demonstrates this accountability, as well as the proper stewardship of the financial resources and property entrusted to us. The City is committed to creating a working environment in which ethical behavior is central. The obligation to report the misuse of funds, misconduct or violations of City policy resides with all employees. Use the ethics hotline system to express concerns, raise complaints and ask questions. Employees may voice their concerns, complaints and questions anonymously, although doing so may make it difficult for the City to properly investigate if insufficient information is provided.


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