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9.1.0 Physical Fitness

It shall be the responsibility of each employee to maintain the standards of physical fitness required for performing his/her job. Whenever a department head determines that the mental or physical condition of an employee is endangering the safety of fellow workers or causing the employee's inability to perform essential job functions, the employee may be requested to submit to a medical examination by a City-approved physician, without expense to the employee, for the purpose of determining physical condition relative to City employment the employee’s fitness for duty (including whether the employee’s physical or mental condition poses a threat to the employee or others).

If the employee is found not to be fit for duty, it shall be the duty of the employee, when recommendations are made by the examining physician, to follow all directives and recommendations concerning his/her physical condition or be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Where appropriate, the City will work with an employee who is a qualified individual with a disability to provide him/her with a reasonable accommodation to allow him/her to perform his/her essential job functions, provided the accommodation does not pose an undue hardship on the City.

Certain positions will be required to take regular physical exams based on OSHA standards. These will be paid for by the City. (See Admin. Dir. 2-10 Medical Examination Policy)

9.2.0 Personal Use of City Property

The use of any City property for personal use is prohibited. However, the facilities at the Municipal Services Garage may be used by regular City employees outside normal work hours. Special guidelines apply. (See Admin. Dir. 6-7 Use of Fleet Maintenance Garage)

9.3.0 Political Activity

While on duty by the City, all employees shall refrain from soliciting or receiving any subscription, contribution, or political service from any person for any political purpose pertaining to the government of the City. Further, they shall not work at the polls (politically) or circulate petitions or campaign literature for elective City officials while at work or on duty. Individuals employed by the City in any capacity will not be considered for appointment to any City board or commission, except as directed by State Statute (i.e., Police and Fire Pension Boards). The Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, may waive this restriction if it is determined to be in the best interest of the City.

However, nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent employees from becoming or continuing to be members of any lawful political organization, from attending lawful political meetings, from expressing their views on political matters, or from voting with complete freedom in any election.

9.4.0 Public Information

Information concerning the business and financial operations of the City is either routinely published or available to outside interests through the Freedom of Information Act. Many times, however, employees come in contact with unique information of a confidential nature. Information concerning individual residents or other employees is considered confidential and documents should not be allowed to remain in plain view or issues discussed with anyone who does not have a need to know. Any inquiries by the media or press should be referred to the City Manager or the appropriate department staff in order to assure the correct spokesperson and correct factual information is released. It shall be the responsibility of the City Manager or his designate to verify and/or disseminate all information released in the name of the City.

All have a responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of individual residents and fellow employees.

9.5.0 On-the-Job Safety

As a regular part of City employment, each employee is expected to conduct himself/herself and handle equipment in such a manner as to avoid accidents. Employees are responsible for observing all safety rules and using available safety devices and are responsible to report unsafe conditions or equipment to their department head. (See Admin. Dir. Section 6 Employee Safety Procedures)

The Illinois Mandatory Seat Belt Law mandates the use of safety belts for both the drivers and front seat passengers of public and private vehicles. The provisions of this law will apply as an official policy to all City vehicles being driven on public roadways to, from or between job sites, and also during extended periods of driving. Certain necessary exemptions are allowed under the law, including those permitted for vehicles where the driver or passengers frequently stop and leave the vehicle, provided the speed of the vehicle between stops does not exceed 15 miles per hour. The following vehicles will therefore be exempted from the routine use of safety belts:

     • Public Works scooters
     • Parks Section vehicles used for mowing and litter pick up
     • Vehicles used by the Water & Sewer Section for catch basin 
        cleaning and reading water meters
     • Parking enforcement

These exemptions do not apply when these vehicles are being driven on public roadways to, from or between job sites, and during extended periods of non-stop driving. The exemption only applies for the periods when these vehicles will be frequently stopping or involved in non-roadway driving situations.

To promote personal and vehicular safety, departmental safety committees shall be established to investigate accidents and unsafe conditions. The committees will review details encompassing each accident and unsafe condition, as requested, and will submit its findings with recommendations to the department head, who will determine final disposition of each case. Disciplinary action may be taken against employee(s) if employee negligence is proven to be a factor contributing to the accident or the cause of an unsafe condition.

9.6.0 Public Relations

All City employees shall be responsible for providing municipal services to the public in a courteous, polite manner free from discrimination because of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability or handicap, national origin, ancestry, creed, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, veteran status, military status, genetic history or any other class protected by law.

9.7.0 Gifts and Gratuities

City services are not to be extended by employees in exchange for special awards, gifts or other remuneration from outside individuals or organizations. When an employee receives any offering as a result of their status as a City employee, such receipt must be reported in writing at once to their department head and retention of the gift will be conditioned on the department head’s approval based on department policy and in accordance with State and local laws then in effect.

9.8.0 Patents

Any City employee inventing or designing a product for the City while in its employ shall enter into all necessary and proper agreements to assign all that right and property interest in and to such design and/or patent to The City of Lake Forest without compensation.

9.9.0 City-Owned Recreational Facilities

Upon showing either an employee I. D. card or proof of retirement from City service, a regular full-time or regular part-time employee or retired employee and his/her dependents, if non-residents, may utilize the following at resident rates:

     • Golf Course (memberships will be sold at the resident senior rate; 
        special off-hour day rates also may apply)
     • Boat Ramp
     • Beach*
     • Library
     • Recreation Center

*Current regular full-time or regular part-time employees, retirees or spouse of a deceased retiree will be eligible to receive one beach pass or City vehicle sticker, if a resident, at no cost each year.

9.10.0 Purchase of City Cemetery Lots

Any full-time or regular part-time employee of The City of Lake Forest is eligible to purchase Lake Forest Cemetery lots at the resident rate. (Authorized by the Lake Forest Cemetery Commission on December 6, 1983.)

9.11.0 Smoking Ban

To set forth policies governing City employee compliance with the Lake Forest Smoking Ban Ordinance, the following restrictions will be in place for employees:

     • All buildings are smoke free;
     • No one is allowed to smoke within 25 feet of an entrance to any City building;
     • Smoking is not allowed in any City vehicle;
     • Smoking is not allowed in City parks;
     • Smoking is not allowed at the train platforms;
     • Smoking is not allowed in Market Square, including sidewalks in the Square;
     • Smoking is not allowed at the Beach;
     • Golfers are allowed to smoke at the Deerpath Golf Course, however, 
        they must be 75-feet away from the clubhouse; and
     • Smoking is allowed in parking lots as long as it is not within 25 feet of an
        entrance to any City building.

(See Admin. Dir. 2-28 Lake Forest Smoking Ban Ordinance Compliance)

9.12.0 Education/Training Reimbursement

Recognizing the correlation between formal education and training achievement and the level of employee performance, an education/training reimbursement policy has been adopted to provide reimbursement for costs incurred while participating in certain education and training activities. In order to receive reimbursement through this program, application forms must be submitted during budget preparation to the employee's department head, who will then submit them to the Director of Human Resources if it is determined that the course meets the criteria for reimbursement. (See Admin. Dir. 2-9 Education/Training Reimbursement)

9.13.0 Employee Use Computers and Electronic Communications Systems

The Computers and Electronic Communications Systems (email, Internet, personal computers) is a valuable tool owned and maintained by the City. Use of the systems is afforded to employees for the purpose of improving their ability to perform the duties of their jobs. All users must abide by the terms and conditions of the policy. (See Admin. Dir. 2-4 Electronic Communications Systems Policy)

9.14.0 Restrictions on Duty-Issue Firearms Possession

In order to comply with the requirements of a Federal law signed into law on September 30, 1996, which enacted a prohibition on the possession by or transfer or sale of firearms to individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes, the City must obtain information regarding convictions for such offenses from those employees to whom the City provides a duty-issue firearm or firearms. (See Admin. Dir. 2-23 Restrictions on Duty-Issue Firearms Possession)

9.15.0 Cell Phone Usage

The City has established guidelines for the safe usage of City-owned/issued cell phones and to ensure compliance with IRS guidelines. Cellular telephone equipment owned or issued by the City is to be used primarily to facilitate the conduct of official City business.

Employees assigned City cell phones must select one of two options regarding personal use of the cell phones and sign an acknowledgement regarding their choice:

  • Employees must sign an agreement that they will not use the City cell phone for personal calls except in emergency situations or as noted below; or

  • A “Carry-One-Phone” option is available as of 10/1/2020 to employees who are issued or required to carry a City phone. The option includes employees porting their personal phone number to The City of Lake Forest, making the City the owner of that phone number. At this time, there is no shortage of telephone numbers, and when the employee leaves employment, the City will release the phone number to the employee.

Employees are not allowed to use City cell phones for personal calls unless they have chosen the appropriate option noted above or unless they meet the following criteria:

  • It reasonably could not have been made at another time. Examples of circumstances that may be authorized use during regular work hours are:

                - Calls to home or doctor if employee is injured or becomes sick at work.
                - Calls to notify an employee's family or other appropriate parties of a schedule 
                   change caused by official business or transportation schedule changes or delays.
                - Calls when an employee is required to work overtime without advance notice. 
                   The call may be to advise family or other appropriate parties of the schedule change 
                   and to make alternate transportation arrangement or child care/dependent care

  • The call does not adversely affect the performance of duties by the employee and is of  reasonable duration.

Once a cell phone (City-owned or personal) is in use by a City employee certain "rules of the road" must be followed to ensure the safety of the employee using the cell phone and anyone that employee may come in contact with. The use of any wireless device while driving is prohibited. This includes all cell phone, direct connect and two-way radio communication (with the exception of public safety radios). Employees must use hands-free options in accordance with state law when the use of a cell phone is required, refrain from discussion of complicated or emotional discussions and keep their eyes on the road. Special care should be taken in situations where there is traffic, inclement weather or the employee is driving in an unfamiliar area. Employees whose job responsibilities include regular or occasional driving and who use a cellular communication device, whether City-owned or personal, are expected to refrain from using their phone while driving. Safety must come before all other concerns. Regardless of the circumstances, including slow or stopped traffic, employees are strongly encouraged to pull off to the side of the road and safely stop the vehicle before placing or accepting a call. (See Admin. Dir. 2-16, Cell Phone Usage)

9.16.0 Use of Personally-Owned Devices

The City permits authorized employees to use their personally owned devices in conjunction with the performance of their job duties, subject to the policies set forth in the City’s Administrative Directive for the Use of Personal Mobile Devices for City Business. (See Admin. Dir. 2-4A Use of Personal Mobile Devices for City Business)

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