Life Insurance

You can find all the necessary documents and forms to manage your Life Insurance benefits here.



This form must be completed for the life insurance, whether or not you want to purchase additional insurance for you or your family members. The City provides $50,000 for each employee.

This brochure describes the life insurance program.

This form is to designate your beneficiaries for your life insurance policy.

This is the policy for the $50,000 coverage provided by the City.

This is the policy for police officers covered by MAP and firefighters covered by IAFF (1 times salary coverage) provided by the City.

This is the policy for anyone purchasing the optional coverage.

Use this form in the event of the death of a covered person. Fill-in form.

Flyer outlining package of benefits to beneficiaries of covered individuals on their death.

Flyer outlining who needs coverage, who is eligible, how much coverage you can buy, and how costs are calculated.

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