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Rick, Andy.jpg

Andy Rick

Fire Department 

October 6


Jim Santostefano

Public Works - Sanitation

October 7

Ulises Castro.jpg

Ulises Castro

Office of the City Manager - Cemetery 

October 9

Valerie Gonzalez.jpg

Val Gonzalez

Parks and Rec - Admin

October 11

Mounts, Michael.jpg

Mike Mounts

Fire Department  

October 14

Richie Paulsen Jr..jpg

Richie Paulsen Jr.

Community Development 

October 15

Tony Caringello.jpg

Tony Caringello

Public Works - Streets

Ocotber 19

Douglas Juhrend.jpg

Doug Juhrend

Public Works - Fleet

October 22

Chico, Roberto - ID Photo.png

Roberto Chico

Public Works - Forestry

October 20

Tara Purtell.jpg

Tara Purtell 

Senior Resources

October 23

John Eldridge.jpg

John Eldridge

Parks and Rec - Admin 

October 23

Davis, Chanze.jpg

Chanze Davis

Public Works - Water Plant

October 23

Brett N.  Marquette.JPG

Brett Marquette

Police Department 

October 25


Michelle Friedrich

Community Development 

October 29

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